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The Principles of Authentic Communication
1) Timely - information is provided and communication begins before the action or decision that affects people
2) Relevant - information is pertinent to the people involved
3) Truthful - information is factually accurate
4) Fundamental - the core and real issues are addressed
5) Comprehensive - the whole story on the relevant issues is covered
6) Clear - unambiguous language is used, language is appropriate for the publics, technical terms are defined, information is organized logically
7) Accessible - information and sources are provided and/or are easy to locate and interact with; public meetings are held in convenient locations and well publicized
8) Responsive - communication is two-way, others’ views are listened to, seriously considered, and there is openness to accommodation
9) Caring - communication is polite, courteous, and respectful
10) Consistent - words and actions match, and there is follow through on agreement and commitments
10 keys to successful communication for companies, organizations, groups, and individuals.
Authentic Communication
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