Bojinka Bishop offers several workshops to assist organizations optimize their public relations, public participation, and corporate communication programs with Authentic Communication and Authentic Creativity!
“Plugging into the Power of Authentic Communication”
In-Depth Workshops
Special in-depth workshops on Authentic Communication for Media Relations, Public Participation, Customer Communication, Internal Communication, and for Community Relations are available on request.
“Authentic Creativity”
Especially for those engaged in communication work:  A workshop that does two important things: 1) gives you a set of creativity tools you can use to maximize your value to your client or organization, and, 2)  provides proven evaluation tools to assess your ideas and fine tune them for maximum impact.  Not all creative ideas are the right solution.  This fun and interactive session will help make sure you have the tools to create the right solution.
10 keys to successful communication for companies, organizations, groups, and individuals.
Authentic Communication
  1.  an in-depth description of each of the principles and an explanation of the unique role each plays in successful communication programs
  2.  a brief overview of the hard data supporting their contribution to success
  3.  interactive group activities on applying Authentic Communication in your organization
  4.  the 7 steps to Authentic Communication
  5.  summary conclusions and discussion of when, how, and to what    extent the principles are best used
Contact us for information on tailoring a workshop for your organization:
This interactive workshop focuses on how to build successful communication programs using the Principles of Authentic Communication in employee, media, customer, and public communication.  The workshop features: